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03:17:41 PM, Tuesday 14 August 2001

Haw! Ok, assuming I eat breakfast tomorrow and find feathers in my bacon, should I go to medical school in

New Orleans,
San Francisco, or
Dublin? _
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05:35:27 PM, Saturday 11 August 2001

Cowpox comes from cows. Chicken pox comes from chickens. Smallpox comes from beetles. The Pox comes from... I'll tell you when you're older. And Pocky-Pox comes from eating too much Japanese candy. _
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05:26:39 PM, Saturday 11 August 2001

Fe's a good place. I mean, the classes are as good as anything Johnny and the tutors are glorious, even if they have fewer batty legends hanging off of them (with the exception of Charles Bell)... though three of my classes were taught by ex-Annapolis Johnnies so maybe that's why they were so fine... but why I keep missing Annapolis all the time and get sad about it... I dunno. Partly 'cause Moss and Remi have graduated, and Neil's gone, and I never got to know the Freshmen all that well even though we were in storytellers together... so the people seem to have dissolved and I'm the monk-Johnny I thought I was going to be in the first place but was so jakked to find out I wasn't... and Annapolis imprinted me when I was a junior in high school... so even when I saw Santa Fe, and it is beautiful, I didn't have that gut-whirling happiness like I did all freshman year and every time again when I think of it. And the buildings are so old, and the stories are always taken down and given out over and over (though maybe with Derek Alexander gone not as much? Terrible.) and begone dull care and the bricks and the creek and the 36 acres... and everyone is in some silly club or other and there's a proper Great Hall, and we all breathe each other's air and angst and gossip and sweat, 'cause there aren't any mountains to flee into, and Barr and Buchanan's ghosts are still there, and the Liberty Tree's ghost, and Francis Key's ghost too, and all the civil war ghosts that died in Humphreys, and Brother Robert and Eva Brann and the dunky smoky coffee shop with doughballs and Temple Iglehart and the Pendulum Pit and... Santa Fe has a bell tower with the seal on it, and pinyon trees, and a fishpond and a mummy fish in the dining hall, and an empty water tower to sing gregorian chants in, and dorms named after the muses, but... _
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06:20:38 PM, Tuesday 7 August 2001

Goddamnit, Neil, I can hear you snickering. _
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07:43:38 PM, Sunday 5 August 2001

Neil! Remember when we were avoiding Ptolemy homework by walking to that art store over the bridge looking for spirographs to do our epicycles with? I finally got a spirograph! And it rules! I gotta figure out how to keep the one cog spinning on its own axis while the other cog revolves around it, though. But it's hella fun, I'll tell ya. _
09:17:11 PM, Friday 3 August 2001

Swing it
Get your fiddle
Sneak in
and cresc. again...
No beating
With Vigor
Behind bridge
Long Smear
Suddenly Hot
Nasty! Filthy! Bucket
Spacey Rock
Very sentimental
Growl solo
Punta D'Arco
Harmon (Laugh)
Stuffed cup mute
Tight cup
Tite cup
(Molto Schmaltzando) Lush and Graceful
Ricky Tick only 2 violins Play: not very well!
"Spinach Trumpets" tacet
Ala Waltzer Brilliante
Valse ttt64to
Tempo di Valse Banal
Tempo di Send in the Clowns
Tempo di Tearass _
06:30:24 PM, Friday 3 August 2001

awright, ya principled pacifists, ya got one year to make your plea starting now.

Why Mirabai Shouldn't Join the Navy,
by ___________________

Counter-argument. If I enter after I graduate, as a corpsman, I'll spend from 6 to 18 months in boot camp in Chicago, and A-school after that. I can also get all the science prerequisites I need in that time, all tuition paid, and experience taking care of people with much more variety and responsibility than I'd get either at a nursing home or a loony bin. They'll also pay for me and set me up to take the MCAT. After that's done, I apply for medical school. Wherever I get in, they discharge me from active service, pay all my fees, expenses, plus living stipend, and $800 a month from the G.I. Bill. After I've graduated, I can do my internship and residency with the Navy, and they don't work me into the ground and kill my eyeballs and treat me like a scrub -- I work an ordinary day. Then I owe them a certain number of years for my education, 4 to 7 years, I guess, as a Naval Doctor, either full duty or active reserves.

now why the hell shouldn't I do it?

Discuss. _
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05:25:50 PM, Tuesday 24 July 2001

Kevin! Lord love a duck! Never thought you'd be the one to go rootin' around. (`8 Damn happy rememberings of ya, though. Spuffmonks. Maybe we'll run over each other's toes when we go back to New Mexico again. _
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05:17:56 PM, Tuesday 24 July 2001

Happy Birthday Dear Drano!

I'm gonna try to call you today, but just in case... your present's gonna be a little late... I bought it yesterday but haven't sent it yet. Bad beast. :( Meanwhile, if I can't say the words of love and philately to your disembodied presence, I'll say 'em here.

Happy Birthday Dear Drano!

I love ya, keed!

The Social Solipsist _
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05:16:29 PM, Tuesday 24 July 2001

I left off reading Boswell a while back. Temporarily, I swear. I just started reading... mediciney things, y'know... but I'm gonna pick it back up again. The universe'll make me. Listen to this... I was sitting in the W.C., reading a book put out by those UFO nutjammers full of stories about purple space goo and 12 foot humming cigars and bigfoot and all... and it quoted from _The Life of Johnson_. I go, oy. Didn't expect a sting to my slackitude from a bleeding Fortean society. And that evening, I watch the first 2/3rds of _Magnolia_, and the kid on there, Stanley, with the silly haircut? One of his quiz show answers is _The Life of Johnson_. That's in one day. It's coming in clear, don't worry. Fush. _
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05:14:27 PM, Tuesday 24 July 2001

some more about Jezebel.

a week or so ago, she escaped. she was just gone. we wrote on the board not to squish her. that night, in bed, I reached over and felt something hard and clicky climbing up the frame. she'd come back, out of the dark into the light (which she doesn't like to do). we had a cake to celebrate.

then, a few nights ago, I dreamed about her, but she didn't die this time. me and my brother William were walking in the woods, and we had Jezebel on a leash. She ran real fast, too. She kept up with us. When we picked her up to go home, she didn't want to leave so she struggled and fought and wriggled and jumped and stung William twice, once in the heart, once somewhere else. I can't remember. and she stung me once, between my first and second finger, but she'd used up almost all her venom by then, so it didn't hurt me much. Then, a funny thing, she was so mad that her face came out, like it never did. Seeing her head-on, her eyes lifted out of the invisible parts of where they used to be, and *looked* at us... and then a little pink tongue came out of her chelicerae and made a grimace. looked like one of those masks from thailand or something. _
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03:02:11 PM, Friday 20 July 2001

Miss Oola Goola _
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01:18:09 PM, Sunday 15 July 2001

Got woken up this morning to the snide-arse voice of a man explaining just what the UN is doing to take over the property, sovereignity and livelihood of us decent Americans. Apparently, they're all in cahoots and they won't be happy until the global order gets their fingers groping every inch of our honest soil. They're taking away our rights to unregistered firearms! Free-burning petroleum vehicles! They're planting wildlife 'corridors' and national 'forests' where there used to be productive mines and logging camps. Pretty soon America'll just be a flaccid mess of weeds and skunks, the bread and butter will be yanked from the mouth of honest laborers' children, damn Europeans'll be telling us what to do and what language to do it in AND IT'S ALL THE AUDOBON SOCIETY'S FAULT!

(This was on FM. God bless Montana.) _
05:43:39 PM, Monday 9 July 2001

Duck Fluff. _
02:47:07 PM, Sunday 8 July 2001

Girl, you're prettier'n a summer sunset an' mean enough to hunt bear with a stick. _
03:55:49 PM, Friday 6 July 2001

This is obscene. _
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04:37:47 PM, Wednesday 4 July 2001

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, dear Moss Virgil Collum, ya stud,
Happy Birthday to you! _
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04:32:31 PM, Tuesday 3 July 2001

Oh, Hallelujah. _
04:06:59 PM, Saturday 30 June 2001

I wish I could pour out my head. _
04:15:15 PM, Friday 29 June 2001

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