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It seems that people are all in a snit over White Wolf's new game, Pimp: the Backhanding. This livejournal entry speaks pretty clearly about why people would not be amiss in protesting it, while Something Positive mocks the whole situation. Men, I can't deny that the game is in poor taste, de, I wonder how many of the outraged people have played Grand Theft Auto 3 (I haven't, but isn't that the one where you can gain points by killing whores?).

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04:38:36 PM, Monday 17 January 2005


I have been singing consistenly for the last few days. I haven't done so in a more than superficial sense for a long time, and I know this to be true because my abdomenal muscles are sore. It's one of the best feelings ever. _
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04:02:49 PM, Monday 17 January 2005


Wow, Moss just found out that "Whoot, There it Is" and "Whoomp, There it Is" were indeed two different songs. I don't think I ever listened to either of the songs very carefully, but I really can't imagine that reflecting poorly on me.

Because I have already been a blogging fool, today, I will add this next bit to this entry, and not make a separate one, even though it's a different topic:

Are there specific songs/artists that you adored in your childhood or adolescence, that no longer may be your very favorite things, but that you love regardless? I began thinking about this when Tori mentioned that she wasn't sure if she loved Cats because it was good, or because she'd loved it since she was three. I'm curious to hear about the rest of you. _
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12:21:51 AM, Sunday 16 January 2005


Once, in the depths of depression, I sold almost every cd I owned. I don't recommend this course of action. It did not make me feel better, and I've spent the 7 years since slowly rebuilding the collection (I'm nowhere near finished). Today I bought the soundtrack to For the Boys, the first of a several step process in regaining all the Bette Midler albums I used to have. I am , of course, no longer obsessed with her (as I was from about 12-15 or 16), but her music is irrevocably woven into my memories, and I still quite enjoy large swaths of it because it's fun to sing (and you can tell that she really enjoys singing old standards, which is nice), and she really doesn't have a bad voice. It's interesting though, to try and listen objectively to it all now, identifying the music that is good versus the music I just happened to adore in my early adolescence. _
12:14:18 AM, Sunday 16 January 2005


Wow, I had no idea that "Whoot, There it Is" was about men telling women to shake their naughty bits for cash. Makes sense, really, it's just that I'd never listened to the lyrics before. _
11:46:54 PM, Saturday 15 January 2005


I think I may have been a bit overly ambitious when I composed my to do list for today. There is no way I am going to get to those other e-mails, or the stories, or Fifty Photographs. That's okay, though, because I did at least do all the things I tried to do today. Unlike yesterday. _
10:32:07 PM, Friday 14 January 2005


Dear God. That was 3,318 words. No wonder it took all day today (I mean I was dragging my feet a little because I really didn't want to be typing it all a second time, but still). I think having to type that much twice really makes the bitterness understandable. But now it has been sent. Good Riddance. _
10:27:50 PM, Friday 14 January 2005


To do for Friday, 14 January, 2005

*Re-type commentary that got eaten by gmail (Let the record show that two hours after the commentary disappeared, I am still bitter. Bitter like a bitter, bitter thing. Bitter like ear wax. Yes, even though it was totally my fault.) Sent, at long last.

*Try yet again to get prints made from digital photos (Have uploaded photos in question to online processing thingamajig. Must call in the morning to ask if can have them printed the way I want through that system.) Have gone through with the order. Should be able to pick it up later today or tomorrow.

*Edit one of the two stories I have to edit and send it off somewhere

*Drink a cup of hot cocoa It was tasty.

*Work on Fifty Photographs for at least half an hour

*E-mail A, A, L and J, also KH

*See and hopefully be amused by Phantom of the Opera movie It was everything I hoped it would be. Tori was right about the chandelier not dropping on time, though.

*Look back at day and say, "Oh, thank God that wasn't anything near as bad as Thursday It was actually a rather pleasant day, despite the re-typing. _
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03:54:52 AM, Friday 14 January 2005


Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. I just spent two and a half hours typing out my mother's blogswap reviews, and then gmail ate it. It's my fault, I know. I should have written it in a word processing program and transferred it after it was complete, saving often, but I didn't. And now I am going to have to do the whole damned thing again. Fuck. _
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01:40:09 AM, Friday 14 January 2005


To Do:
*Pick up sweater from dry cleaner's Now have clean sweater. Yay!
*Buy essential household items The woman in front of me in the line at Long's wanted five 1 gallon size bottles of V8, but the store employees could only find four, even after combing the stockroom. The lady settled for four, but seemed very disappointed. Meanwhile I wondered what on earth someone could reasonably want with that much V8.
*Take photo cd to drugstore and request prints Alas, my glorious plans came to nought when I placed the cd into the computer at the independent photo lab and it said it had only two pictures on it, not... you know... fifty-two. So I've got to try and figure out what went wrong and then go back. Tried. Failed. Picked up the two prints and from before and paid my 62 cents. The photolab people said it was a problem with the pc not being able to read Mac files. Am instructed to try to save them all individually to the disc as jpegs.. Grumble.
*E-mail James as promised yesterday
*Put netflick in post
*Type up Madre's commentary Technically, I did do this. Just because I have to do it again tomorrow doesn't mean I didn't do it once already. Grar.
*Send said commentary to blogswap group
*Update liveJournal so friends stop pestering me Well. At least the LJ entry didn't get eaten like th commentary. Damn. Let the record show that two hours after the commentary disappeared, I am still bitter.
*Do some work on Fifty Photographs
*Make a list for tomorrow and post it before bed Well, only two things undone. Oh, but how one of them burns. I am so grumbly with myself. _
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05:54:14 PM, Thursday 13 January 2005


Ewlp! _
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12:58:38 AM, Saturday 8 January 2005


I have spent today and yesterday waiting for the apartment people to come in and do things in the apartment. It makes me very uneasy, because I really don't feel that I can start anything I want to get involved in deeply because a) I'll have to put it down when they come in again (they've been in twice his morning and are coming back eventually), and b) they'll see what I am doing, which shouldn't be a big deal, but I am rather shy and reserved and feel that they've already invaded enough of my private life without seeing the projects I am working on. Grumble. _
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02:50:07 PM, Thursday 6 January 2005


Remember this? Well, as it turns out, there is such a thing as milk scotch candy. I know this thanks to a random commenter named James, who must have found the entry by googling for milkscotch. I'm the only thing that comes up for that, but if you break it into two words, you get loads of candy sites. So, thank you for enlightening me, James. Now I am going to have to order some. _
04:12:01 PM, Sunday 2 January 2004


After having fallen asleep during the end of a movie last night...

Me: So, how did Koyaanisqatsi end?

Moss: About how you'd expect. He got the girl.

Caprina Lynn: I don't know, I thought it was a big twist when that one girl went back to Minneapolis.

Moss: Yeah, I definitely wasn't expecting that. _
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12:11:01 PM, Thursday 30 December 2004


Have you ever been bitten on the breast by a horse? Because I have. _
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10:39:54 PM, Sunday 26 December 2004


Who knew that formal family dinners at exclusive clubs could be so entertaining? Not me. Pleasant surprise, but I am too tired to share any details now. _
03:18:45 AM, Sunday 19 December 2004


The other day while my mother was up visiting us in Healdsburg, we went out shopping for a nice outfit for me to wear to a fairly formal family dinner (which is tomorrow night). I have learned from years of bitter experience, clothes shopping is an evil, loathesome task, which generally requires a lot of driving around from store to store searching for the elusive Thing That Actually Fits.

In light of this, I decided to grab a couple of CDs on my way out the door, so that we would at least have music to listen to while we drove. I picked up the two nearest things, which were Joanna Newsom's The Milk Eyed Mender and one of Erika's blogswap discs, as they had just arrived that morning.

I decided to start with mellow and fairly easy-going music. Joanna Newsom plays the harp, and her dis is full of fairly dreamy things, so I figured my mother wouldn't mind it. I was wrong. We lasted three songs before she begged me to take it out, and play something else, anything but that. I won't relate the whole conversation; suffice it to say that many questions along the lines of, "So, she's an adult, not a little kid?" and, "Are you sure she's not retarded?" were asked.

Next up was Erika's disc. I didn't quite remember what she'd said was on it, but when the first track started and I realized it was Nine Inch Nails, I thought I would be in for more pleading followed by a day of shopping and a silent stereo. This seemed too horribly cruel and unusual to be true, and luckily for me, it was. Madre started nodding her head along with the beat and said, "Now this is interesting." Now, in order to appreciate this you have to understand that Madre likes to listen to modern top 40 country, random showtunes, and old Ian and Sylvia records. Not exactly Trent Reznor's target audience, but she really seemed to like it. I could only think that Erika was right about the lack of edginess. And then I had the brilliant idea.

I knew that Madre and I would be driving for eight to ten hours today on our way from Healdsburg to Southern California. I also knew I'd be bringing everyone's blogswap discs along in the hope that Moss would be able to pick up the stragglers' discs before he came to join us on the 23rd so that we could then send all the discs from here on the 24th. What I hadn't considered until then, was that clearly Madre should listen to the blogswap discs and give official reviews. So, all day today, she drove, listened, and gave exciting commentary (I have to say that the best commentary so far has been the one for Trixie's), while I scribbled like mad in an effort to get her thoughts written down at the same pace that she spoke them.

She was a very good sport about it and liked a lot more of the music than either of us thought she would in the beginning. We got through several discs on the drive today, but we haven't done all of them yet. When we have, I'll type up the report and either send it via e-mail, post it online somewhere, or tuck hard copies into your packages along with the bonus blogswap disc, which I am pleased to announce that Madre has decided to make. Also, coming soon: my tracklisting. _
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05:27:41 AM, Saturday 18 December 2004


How to put up a Christmas Tree properly is delightful. Scrolling all the way down to check out the before and after pictures is really worth it. _
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09:04:00 PM, Tuesday 14 December 2004


Listening to blogswap discs while cleaning and wrapping presents. Just finished Kerne's, and am having a lot of thoughts about Deaf culture, Hearing culture, and this whole debate. While I wouldn't want to deprive a deaf child of Deaf culture, I certainly would want to enable a deaf child (or adult) to hear if it were possible, because sounds can be lovely, and music in particular. Is that terribly ignorant, offensive, and Hearing biased of me? _
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04:36:40 PM, Monday 13 December 2004


Just to say, I really like what PF has been writing about different translations of Antigone. Also, I never knew that Nabokov was synaesthetic. This pleases me. _
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12:50:43 AM, Saturday 11 December 2004


Okay, really now, picture it: in his dungeon office, alone, late at night, listening to "Copacabana", he forgets for a moment that he lives in a building with a bunch of sniveling brats and a strange assortment of adults, most of whom he dislikes only slightly less than the Death Eaters he turned his back on. For that moment, all is golden, and he frolics through soft-lit fantasies.

SeverusSnape gives thanks for BarryManilow

What's Your Ultimate Fandom OTP?
Shiver My Timber--A Pirate RPG

It's all Martin's fault. He posted the link, and I just had to follow. _
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09:16:25 PM, Friday 10 December 2004


Isn't this something? _
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05:17:25 PM, Monday 6 December 2004


In Blockbuster tonight Moss had a devil of a time pulling me away from the shelves, which were in complete disarray. We decided that Tim made a good point about imposing order on chaos, since, as I told Moss, I would have found it a perfectly satisfying way to spend the evening if he'd have let me. This morning as I was half awake in bed, I sort of thought that I might enjoy filing, and wondered if that made me a really horrible person.

Anyway, after Moss threatened to leave without me, we picked up the third Harry Potter movie and made for the grocery store to grab the other things we'd need if we were going to play the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban drinking game, which, we decided on the spur of the moment, we were. We weren't sure exactly what it was, but we figured there'd be several sets of rules for us on teh intarweb. So, a quick heads or tails (demon rum, or wodka) later, I said, "Onward, to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Slashkaban!" The odd thing is, there aren't any google hits for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Slashkaban (or even "slashkaban" on its own). How on earth can no one have coined that before me?

And, it seems our dear intarweb is sadly devoid of good or useful Harry Potter drinking games, so we're making up our own rules and posting them here.

Harry Potter and the PoA drinking game
Find your favorite beverage (great way to remind yourself to drink more water if you are bad about that like I am) and drink whenever:

*Vernon Dursley interrupts what Harry's doing under his covers

*Marge drinks

*Marge gives food or drink to Ripper

*Someone insults Harry's parents

*Harry accidentally does magic

*A Dursley falls down

*A non-canon character appears (shrunken head, what?!)

*Sirius looks crazy

*Bad puns

*The Monster Book of Monsters attacks someone

*Ron and Hermione argue about Scabbers and Crookshanks

*Hermione acts like a know-it-all

*This children's fantasy movie appears to have turned into a horror movie by mistake

*Ron is terrified

*A dementor tries to suck Harry's soul out

*The Hogwarts Glee Club and Toad Ensemble performs a painfully awful piece of music with lyrics from muggle writer William Shakespeare

*There is blatant fanservice

*Superfluous CGI is used

*Cuaron does something unnecessarily cinematic

*Professor Trelawney foresees someone's death

*Anyone says something that sounds really dirty ("You're supposed to stroke it!")

*Harry is king of the world!

*Draco demonstrates how stupid he is

*A boy claims that an injury is much worse than it really is in order to impress a girl

*The boggart grows more terrifying after someone casts Riddikulus (Dude, you're not helping, Parvati)

*Percy is an ass

*Ron notices Hermione appearing out of nowhere

*The Whomping Willow whomps something

*The twins speak in unison

*Draco gets what's coming to him

*Malfoy acts like the snivelling coward that he is

*Hermione gets angry. You wouldn't like her when she's angry

*Hermione jumps into someone's arms

*Someone's voice cracks

*Peter Pettigrew acts ratty

*Remus and Sirius act like a couple

*Dumbledore is a sly old fox

*Scary close up!

Right, well, there you have it. Let no one say I don't do my part to enrich the lives of others and provide useful information to the masses.

P.S. if you came here from a search engine and like the game, or hate the game, or whatever, leave a comment (if you like). I'd love to hear from you. _
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04:49:15 AM, Sunday 5 December 2004


One of our stove top knobs broke, so I've been looking for a replacement. Little did I suspect I'd find Stove Top Fashions.

P.S. If any of you happen to know where to buy replacement knobs, please let me know. _
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05:15:24 PM, Thursday 2 December 2004


Our next door neighbor is moving today, loudly, which shouldn't be a problem, as it is nearly eleven and most people haven't an excuse for needing to sleep in, but I've got a nasty headache and wish for all the world that I could just get back to sleep. Grrrr. _
01:50:52 PM, Friday 26 November 2004


I spent the evening with an entirely lovely black cat named Voodoo. The human company wasn't bad, either. _
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12:51:57 AM, Friday 26 November 2004


My goodness, it seems that this is quite the week for stowaway kittens! _
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09:48:27 PM, Wednesday 24 November 2004


Oh man. Now I have to stop myself from eating the rest of the braised cabbage before tomorrow. It is hella tasty and addictive. I hope my fellow diners agree when they try it, but if they don't, I will eat it all. _
08:28:45 PM, Wednesday 24 November 2004


Onions never bothered my eyes until a few years ago, but when they started to, it made up for all the tear-free years and then some. I'm on my break from cutting onions and garlic at the moment (at the portion of the break where I can see well enough to type, but certainly not well enough to wield a knife yet), a break which becomes necessary every time my eyes sting more than I can bear, and tears stream down my face and my nose begins to run so much that I can't breath any more. Also, I start sneezing. What should I do? Get kitchen goggles? _
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07:16:02 PM, Wednesday 24 November 2004


The benefit of organizing this blogswap is that I get all the discs before everyone else. I am quite enjoying Mike's Long Songs disc at the moment, even if I am too inept to make the paper CD cases that he linked to. I wrestled with them for half an hour before deciding to do them in a much less complicated, though unprescribed way. I suppose all of you can unfold them and have a go at the prescribed folding patterns when you get them if you like. _
09:01:29 PM, Monday 22 November 2004


I was checking to make sure I remembered correctly that one of the Strawberry Shortcake dolls was actually named Raspberry Tart, and I discovered that some of the dolls I used to have are now selling for as much as $125. I should have saved mine. Ah well. In any case, I did remember correctly. Raspberry was a tart. _
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07:40:20 PM, Sunday 21 November 2004


Moss and I are delighted with Monk. It's as funny and sensitive as it is fascinating. The title character, Adrian Monk, is an obsessive compulsive detective, which makes what I am about to transcribe that much more amusing.

From the back of the Blockbuster DVD case for Season One, Volume Two:

The best detective in town also happens to be the most neurotic!
Includes 4 episodes of the Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning show:
"Mr. Monk Goes to the Carnival"
"Mr. Monk Goes to the Asylum"
"Mr. Monk and the Billionaire Mugger"

Not Rated
2002 130 min Color
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12:27:11 AM, Sunday 21 November 2004


When I was younger and actually rode horses at all, I was never keen on getting back on after I'd been thrown off. A lot of the other kids just jumped right back on, but I had to be coaxed or forced most of the time. Sometimes determination and pride put me back there without any outside nudges, but it wasn't ever a choice I made because I wanted to ride; I never once thought it was fun to fall and remount. _
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05:06:51 PM, Friday 19 November 2004


We just finished watching Spellbound. I'm so tense that I don't think I'll fall asleep easily, but so tired of being tense that, once I do drop off, I expect I'll be unwakeable. _
02:36:25 AM, Thursday 18 November 2004


Hopkin, light of my life, fire of my loins... _
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12:34:17 AM, Saturday 13 November 2004


Last day for blogswap sign ups. If you are not on the list and want to be, sign up now. If you haven't given your e-mail address to me, give that now. I'll send The numbers to you Friday nght. _
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01:53:31 AM, Friday 12 November 2004


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