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hey M:::

Amanda invited me to go to PRIDE in Minneapolis, which is the last weekend in June. Do you want to go?? She's in the process of moving to St. Paul with her g/f Amanda and I'm taking the train there. Plus I'll be in Montana for two months to spend time with my parents.

Ciao _
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11:44:41 AM, Friday 11 April 2003



I forgot to tell you, I saw Chicago!!
It totally made me want to play in a pit again....but then that idea faded away quickly.
ooooh and Queen that's all I can say. WOW. _
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11:53:58 AM, Monday 24 March 2003


Happpy Birthday to youuuuuuu
Happpy Birthday to youuuuuuu
Happpy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!
........and many morrrrrrrre.
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12:54:42 PM, Monday 17 March 2003


"Word to the Beef Cow"

Peanut Can.
Djun Djun Ba.
Vocals-spoken to the Meat.

12/8... in 12, 3, or 4.
01:03:13 PM, Monday 20 January 2003


a story that i found as inspirational.
and thinking to another film...and more inspirations.

thinking that there was an instant and more to come where i can use nothing of my senses to KNOW.

thinking that i can "feel" without words. thinking that i can "feel" without eyes. feel feel feel without thinking...i was thinking.

thinking that i'm scared and i remember two things now.

ATTITUDE for christmas.
PERSEVERENCE for christmas.

easter is new year's.
new year's is a calendar.
a calendar is the moon.
the moon is rhythm. _
10:19:58 PM, Thursday 26 December 2002



My heart was racing for crazy reasons last night at work. LADY BUNNY was less than 10 feet away from me, and she was gorgeous!!

Plus you were in my dream last night. _
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08:17:10 PM, Sunday 1 December 2002



I just saw "Ayurveda" and I really liked it, you should check it out. _
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11:41:13 AM, Tuesday 19 November 2002



Do you know how to say "Fuck You!! Fuck Tennis!!" in Yiddish? or any other language?

I work with "Comrad", a boy named John you graduated with. He says hi. _
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01:33:25 PM, Monday 28 October 2002


went to montana for the weekend.
car broke down three times.

1X Las Vegas, NM. 25 dollars for a bed, a bathroom, heat and PBS.

2X Billings, MT. a queer man from my hometown helped us push the car off the road and tried to sell us his 197? Cadillac for 450 dollars. My gushy instincts told us to buy it, but then the iron bar of my dad refused to.

3X Casper, WY. played music on I-25 southbound until redneck towed us into town where very very cool guy replaced two flat tires and gave me a spare for only 42 dollars.

my mom responds to the situation with: "once you get back, we're having a burial service for that piece of junk."
more news: Adonis the Fat Cat currently is at the vets with a cone on his head and a tube up his ass.
my dad ran the chicago marathon in a bit over 4 hours.
perhaps Berklee isn't out of the question.
I have a halloween gig with NO!
it's cold _
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05:18:00 PM, Thursday 24 October 2002


I had this dream. And I was told what my mom's purpose in life was but she wasn't around. At the same time I was asking this invisible knowledge what I was supposed to be doing in my life. It told me that I was already doing it. So....

at this moment my passions are:
+ playing music
+ autumn
+ bicycles
+ love
+ tai chi
+ sleeping

my OK's are:
+/- masks
+/- watching people
+/- chess
+/- eating
+/- cats (not eating cats)
+/- the thought of travelling

my fears or dislikes are:
- spiders
- not waking to speak
- liver, olives, mushrooms, marmite, prunes, lima beans
- the pyramid system

fun for free things to think about:
* losing my mind
* realizing there really is no moon, the world is flat, the five senses are not necessary but helpful, finding a place where autumn is year round.
* changing

P.S. there was a bat and two spiders in the house last night. the bat was so very very cute. the spiders...I know they were....planning to kill me. _
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11:20:56 AM, Friday 11 October 2002


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