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 Testing a new post in the first time for a very very long time? _
10:43:06 PM, Monday 8 October 2018

Had to take a borough cab to work 'cause the train wasn't running, and my cab driver is listening to a morning show in Spanish, but like every fifth sentence is in English.


...But those porcupines were having sex.


...Yeah, he's right.


...Just with the cameras. Anyway...


I'm sure if I knew Spanish it would be as irritating as any other morning show, but as it is, the intermittent non-sequiturs are kind of enchanting. Shameful American monolingulism FTW! _
08:24:08 AM, Thursday 19 June 2014

"You... Are just not very smelly. In the sense of your ability to smell things." _
08:06:24 PM, Tuesday 3 December 2013

"I would watch an all-snail version of The Big Lebowski. Wouldn't you? I think I may have found my life's work." _
12:58:24 AM, Wednesday 30 October 2013

Silly song meme from Facebook, reposted here, because why not.

My life according to Leonard Cohen:

Are you male or female?
Winter Lady

Describe yourself:
I'm Your Man

How do you feel?
Humbled in Love

Where do you currently live?
First We Take Manhattan

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
By the Rivers Dark

Your favorite form of transportation:
Tacoma Trailer

Your friends are:
A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes

Your favorite color is:
Famous Blue Raincoat

What's the weather like?
Tonight Will Be Fine

If your life was a tv show, it would be called:
Jazz Police

What is life to you?
Paper-Thin Hotel

Your current relationship:
Ain't No Cure For Love

Breaking up:
Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye

Looking for:
The Land of Plenty

Wouldn't mind:
Diamonds in the Mine

Your fear:
Never Any Good

Best advice you have to give:
Be For Real

If you could change your name, you'd change it to:
Queen Victoria

Thought for the day:
One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong

How you would like to die:

Your motto:
Don't Go Home With Your Hard-On

If the spirit takes you, feel free to join in with your own band or singer of choice. Or not. All the same to the clam. _
02:47:20 AM, Tuesday 22 October 2013

Someone in the hallway is whistling Sentimental Journey.

My brain is instantly rocketed inside this Ernie Kovacs bit:

04:54:07 PM, Monday 21 October 2013

"If you had told me a month ago that the synopsis of our lives would be: 'Mira gets really into bento boxes and K. adopts a snail', I wouldn't have believed you. This is why I never read the recaps." _
10:29:26 AM, Thursday 17 October 2013

M: I want to pick up the cat.
K: "I Want to Pick Up the Cat: The Mirabai Knight Story".
M: It's truuuuuuue! *buries head in hands* _
01:17:00 AM, Wednesday 4 September 2013

I've decided to start bringing a bag lunch to work every day. K. has been assisting my efforts by preparing some of the items I'll be eating, and also by supplying helpful fridge notes on the whiteboard. _
10:49:35 PM, Tuesday 3 September 2013

Okay, this is pretty rad.

08:07:22 PM, Tuesday 27 August 2013

Summer in the Heights:

Fruit cart on 181st Street

K.'s drawing of Alcibiades being a drama queen about the heat while lying in her guitar case

Farm share vegetables in our fridge

Not pictured: Kids dressing up as smokestacks on the Titanic while a dude in a white sheet pretends to be the rest of the ship. Kids getting into Silly String fights on the sidewalk. Old man salsa band at the street fair up on Sherman. The beautiful riverside restaurant we ate at last night. The ride from our place to 7-11 at 2:00 in the morning. The five raccoons I saw perched on the wall near the subway station but who ran away before I could take a picture. _
01:35:33 PM, Tuesday 30 July 2013

Cats know that they inherently and unconditionally deserve food, water, warmth, safety, comfort, love. This doesn't make them haughty or entitled. It makes them lovers of justice. _
07:52:26 AM, Friday 26 July 2013

I just played the word "boytaurs" in a game of Scrabble. This might be my finest hour. _
10:16:33 PM, Wednesday 24 July 2013


We just finished watching Fire Walk With Me.

01:28:54 AM, Sunday 7 July 2013

K: We need a kiddie pool filled with guacamole.
M: Then our guacamole will taste like feet and butts!
K & M (in unison): But our feet and butts will taste like guacamole!! _
03:52:46 PM, Saturday 6 July 2013

O.o.C.Q.o.t.D.: "If we combine our powers, we will be a goose of great longevity." _
03:34:27 PM, Thursday 27 June 2013

O.o.C.Q.o.t.D: "How low have I sunk? Now I'm concern trolling water buffalo." _
04:20:16 PM, Wednesday 26 June 2013

Wow. So I'm, like, actually married now. Actually for-real recognized-by-my-country's-government truly seriously incontrovertibly married.

Awesome! :'D _
12:25:43 PM, Wednesday 26 June 2013

This is pretty rad. _
03:10:48 PM, Thursday 6 June 2013

Mirabai Knight, CCP

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