Wobble Devlog

I've uploaded the current version of the wobble source code. I'm actually gonna be changing some things about it, but you can take a look at what I have so far. Higglety takes requests from the web and passes them on to wobble to tell it what to render, and Wobble does the actual webloggy things.
05:13 PM, 24 March 2002

Last night I implemented Multiple Blogs. Now I have to do individual user authentication on each blog, but that'll actually be pretty easy--I already know how to do it. However, I may put that off till later--strictly speaking I don't have a user story for it.
08:47 PM, 05 February 2002

Does the world really need another weblogging program? Well, no, but it's a nice project to hack on as a way of learning Python better, so the world's going to get one anyway.
07:28 PM, 14 January 2002

Current status of Wobble:

But basically: It works!

This is very exciting. Actual visible progress. Anyhow, now that I've got the program together enough to be (barely) functional, I'll be using it to keep this development log, so y'all can look in and see how it's going.
08:21 AM, 13 January 2002

Third test entry.
08:14 AM, 13 January 2002

Second test entry
08:02 AM, 13 January 2002

First Test Entry
08:00 AM, 13 January 2002