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Man! I wish I could go to this. The Fat Man's gonna be there, and they'll have free arcade machines, and... it just looks sweet, is all. And Las Vegas gives me the creeps, but at least Penn and Teller are back there now. Oh well. Mebbe next year. _
12:18:23 PM, Wednesday 31 July 2002

Um, I don't usually link to this sort of stuff, and I apologize for any offense it might cause, but I'm truly mystified. Is there any reason at all for someone to put a pair of shapely bare buttocks on a 7th Seal quote page? _
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06:13:32 PM, Tuesday 30 July 2002

So my playlist now has 1418 songs on it, and I was glancing idly over at the next song up on the list. It was called "Rez (Ev)", and my brain read that as "Resident Evil", 'cause I recently downloaded a whole huge mess of video game theme songs... then it came on, and it was the St. Matthew Passion. The title stood for "Rezitative (Evangelist)". Heh. _
05:35:27 PM, Tuesday 30 July 2002

I wish I knew Bulgarian. _
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04:47:53 PM, Tuesday 30 July 2002

I thought Englishmen were supposed to be polite. _
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11:53:07 AM, Tuesday 30 July 2002

Waking Life talks about how, when light switches don't seem to work, it might mean you're in a dream. That just happened, but my dream self didn't figure it out. I just kept fiddling with all the lights in the room until finally one of 'em worked. _
03:10:36 AM, Tuesday 30 July 2002

T.I.A.I.L.W.: Pool-playing Irish DJs looking all canny and disheveled in their tiny classy photographs. _
08:04:23 PM, Monday 29 July 2002

Und zwei minuten. _
07:53:15 PM, Monday 29 July 2002

The ultimate crossover slashfic: Wormtongue/Wormtail _
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12:05:21 PM, Monday 29 July 2002

This picture just sorta makes me happy. _
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04:49:25 PM, Sunday 28 July 2002

T.I.A.I.L.W.: Cecilia "Boobs" Bartoli (as my dad always calls her), because she is too freaking cute and wonderful and bouncy and buxom and adorable and gorgeous and sweet and sublime! I am also, incidentally, I.L.W. OnlineClassics 'cause they give me big ol' full screen video of complete concerts and operas and plays and master classes and documentaries and all this kickass stuff for seven bucks a month. It rules so hard.

I think maybe I'll set this for my desktop. It'll help me study. (`8 _
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10:38:02 AM, Sunday 28 July 2002

Tutta Cecilia conosce Bartoli! La birba Figura vinto Sara. _
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09:08:31 AM, Sunday 28 July 2002

Google! DayPop! This is my blogchalk: English, United States, Baltimore, Towson, Mirabai, Female, 21-25!

blogchalk: Mirabai/Female/21-25. Lives in United States/Baltimore/Towson and speaks English. Spends 20% of daytime online. Uses a Fast (128k-512k) connection.

(I don't think this'll really work as it's meant to, 'cause I don't have access to my META tag, but that's awright. Oh, also I lied blatantly about how much time I spend online, but hopefully it won't be a lie much longer.) _
06:31:36 AM, Sunday 28 July 2002

T.I.A.I.L.W.: Sister Wendy Beckett. {sigh} Why are all the good ones taken? _
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12:55:40 PM, Saturday 27 July 2002

The sound is long and sharp. You don't have to put it at your teeth, just to the lips. It will sing in all directions. No, it's not a good Jew's harp for fast rock 'n roll rhythms. But it will refer you to its mytho-animistic background reputation as an audio-enticer of nature-spirits. You soon will understand. _
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12:41:25 PM, Saturday 27 July 2002

I want to be Askeladden. He's the youngest son, the lazy good-for-nothing. Sometimes people think he's an idiot, and sometimes just not worth his keep. He sits in the fireplace all day, playing in the ashes. Then his two older brothers go off to seek their fortunes, and they're never heard from again. He goes off to seek his fortune too, with only a lump of hard brown bread and a jug of water. On the road he meets some old ugly thing, and he shares his food with them, and they give him a secret, or a present. So he continues on his way, and knows how to unlock the glass mountain, or trick the troll into falling asleep, or cure the sick king, or make the princess laugh -- and, though everyone else got their heads cut off, or were thrown down a waterfall in a barrel full of nails, he wins the princess and half the kingdom.

My mom says Askeladden's only the hero because it's the lazy ash-pokers were the ones who had time to make up these stories, but I dunno... all your life, you sit and dream, and never work or strive for anything. You look empty and useless. But you know that someday you'll get up and brush the ashes off and be the greatest of them all not because you're strong or ruthless or brave, but because you're kind and clever and generous. You only need to act once in your life, and when you do, you do it just right, because you were good to the old ugly things you met on the road, and they were in disguise, testing you. And afterwards...? Hm. I want to find that out. _
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07:27:42 AM, Saturday 27 July 2002

Y'know, it's really embarrassing -- I tried to make a "Pissed at the World" mix CD yesterday, and I could only come up with 40 minutes of marginally appropriate music and, I mean, that's including the Tetris theme song. I finally had to top it off with three Vivaldi concertos, but, sheesh. I better stock up my cathartic-rage rations somehow. You never know when they'll be needed. _
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07:14:35 AM, Saturday 27 July 2002

A hypnosis audiobook called "Stop Being Lazy". I love it. _
07:11:32 AM, Saturday 27 July 2002

The phone rang around 2:00am, but I couldn't climb out of my bunkbed in my stuporous state fast enough to answer it. Or, rather, I answered it, but then I dropped it, and when I picked it up again, it was squealing unpleasantly, so I must have pressed the "hang up and squeal unpleasantly" button. Then a few minutes ago, it rang again. I picked it up, but it was dead silence -- this has happened to me several times with this phone, and it's obnoxious -- so I banged it on the table a couple times, and then I could hear a very faint conversation between a guy with a southern accent and a squeaky girl, both laughing and talking about some car or something. I went, "hello, hello", but they couldn't hear me. I'm very confused. Mystery, ooooh. _
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03:22:42 AM, Saturday 27 July 2002

A Miraculous Discovery:

Shrimp ramen + parsley + garlic dippin' sauce tastes almost *exactly* like escargot, only less chewy. Wow. Yum. {slurp, slurp, slurp} _
03:09:54 PM, Thursday 25 July 2002

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